How to Re-format yousa Laptop/ PC (Windows 7)?

Mesa Jar Jar Binks

Oh, Heyo dalee!

Missed me? No? Hahahahaha (evil laugh)

So, it has been quite sometime now and surprisingly, mesa now in Year 3! 1 year to go, GRADUACION!!! Anyways, I’ve been busy with life, studying, new friends coming up, old friends disappearing (although they are in my Facebook friend list but no interactions at all).

Funny is it? Ah, fakit!

Who cares, if you’re a good and honorable friend, you’d say AT LEAST “Hello” to me anytime. But no, instead you put pictures with your new friends partying in someplace thinking that, “I’m so damn cool now, Ayek is so lame!” Whatever dikhed, go to hell.


Okay, back to the topic. I’ve been learning Jar Jar Binks tribe language that is, Gunganese. It is pretty hard really but as soon as you understand the foundation of the language, you’ll be surprise, it is easy as A B C!

A friend turnout to ask me how to reformat her laptop (on Facebook? WTH!) It is literally freaking difficult to explain each and every single steps but formatting is my expertise. 🙂 I could joget-joget (dancing-dancing) while doing it!

As easy as it seems, it is important that you take close attention to every steps. If, you have any questions, please drop by.

Because it is said to be so easy, I tried to explain the steps using my new language! GUNGANESE! Go Gungans!!!

Okeeday. yousa nid foosa steps. (I did this on purpose, so it will seems like “it’s so easy dude! Only FOUR STEPS and you’re DONE! But if you count it right, it may consist of so many many steps). Mesa yous humbule servant, mesa teach yousas okee day?

Una, yousa nid to check what type of system yousa use. Whether isa 32-bit or 64-bit. (Yu may check by right-clicking the “My Computer/ Computer” and go for “Properties”).

Duey, Windows Installation CD (Nowadays, they got cracked ones. Meaning, yu nosa nid to put CD Key and all). Yu may download it (but mesa nosa have the link) or buy it from any Computer Stores.

And oso, yousa should have the Driver CD. (Each laptop would normally be given one Driver Installation CD for that particular laptop – for such; Audio, Graphic, Bluetooth etc.) If yu don have it, go to yousa official website (of the brand i.e.: Toshiba), and can simply download it.

Dee, (Mesa consider by now yu already bought The Windows Installation CD based on yousa System Type).

Insert the CD in – Restart the laptop/ pc – Enter the setup menu (usually by continuously tapping F8 or F10 (Depends on what laptop yousa usin) right on when the black background calculating process thingy appears – Find for boot menu selection, change the boot orders – Set your CD Driver run as the first boot device – Save and Quit

It will then restart and that black background would appear again but this time it may ask yousa “Press any keys to boot using CD..”, so just press any key and it will start calculating, analyzing, etc.

Foosa, it will then enters Windows Installation. So, just “next, next, yes yes mesa agree whatever”, Choose yousa System Type (as mention above), then it will show, Drive C:, D:, etc. Choose them (one at a time), and there’s a format option. Just format it all or only the Drive C: because that’s where yu wanted to install yousa Windows on!

Yousa can arrange partitions oso (i.e.: Drive C: has bigger space than D:, or the other way ’round and so on). After yousa done formatting Drive C: (and others if you like), Choose Drive C: and install Windows.

Next next yes yes whatever, Finis! Windows DONE!

Then after that, yu need to Insert yousa Driver CD and install anything that yu nid. (Or the one that you downloaded from). MAINLY, important drivers are such: Audio, Display and Internet Wireless Driver.

Done that? Install whatever software yousa likey. Note: This is for Windows 7.

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Terengganu – Here I Come!


So, Hello!

Since I don’t have my Facebook anymore, I will replace the need to tell stories and show pictures of me self to other people by using this blog and Flikr! However, I’ll update it to you unknown guys later.

Tonight, me and my two sisters will be going to Terengganu, my mother’s hometown. Anyways, will update you guys soon. Wait for the picturesssss! (I suddenly have this feelings of wanting to collect pictures all around the world just so that when I look at it, will make me smile.


1. PLEASE VISIT YOUR FAMILY / SIBLINGS / COUSINS / FRIENDS / or anybody that supposed to be close to you but you haven’t had met them for a long long while, meet them! Say hello at least.

2. Remember this, life is short. Spread love baby, LOVE! L.O.V.E = LOVEEEE!

Ahh, long time no see those sick cousins of mine.

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ABOLISH “The Examination”

The Brain of "The Outsiders"

Historically, Ancient China was the first country in the world that implemented a nationwide standardized test, which was called the imperial examination. The main purpose of this examination was to select for able candidates for specific governmental positions. From today’s basis, we can say that examination is now been applied into education and it started to influence other parts of the world as it became a prominent standard. However, presently issues regarding examination system whether it should or should not be abolished have made people woken up to answer those questions.

From the bright side, advocates of the system contend that annual examinations are a good way of training children for the stress of life after school – where deadlines and sales quotas need to be met, and work completed methodically and with minimum fuss. Yet, can we depend on examination entirely?

If examinations are so important in shaping individuals to handle stress of life, why there are dropouts such as  Mark Zuckerberg, Winston Churchill, and even Albert Einstein became the greatest icon of the world?

In order to answer this question, I will lay out every possible advantage and shortcomings of the examination system. For the record, examination itself has minimally affects to the student or individual however public are concerned how examinations are been carried out – to be specific, the system.

Therefore, to begin with, we should understand that examination system (in Malaysia) is being regulated by the Ministry of Education and the system itself traditionally is been adopted from the English approach. As a consequence, what are the issues with examination? From a general perspective, to test every aspect of a subject within the short exam time is merely impossible – if a student is lucky and what he studied for is tested, he will score higher. Is that a fair deal in education system? Of course not! Other than that, the approach of present examination systems means the beginning of fear, tension, anxiety and stress in the minds of the students under which if a student doesn’t performs according to his or her parents expectations may lead to students even taking the extreme step of ending their life by doing suicide.

Besides that, present examination system does not specify the exact criteria how the marks are given to students. By means, different universities (or college) will have different ways of marking and this is somewhat inequitable in order to evaluate the exact performance of graduates. Last but not least, it is impossible to set the questions at the same difficultly every year. For instance, if this year’s paper was a little bit straightforward, practically students will score higher marks. This surely can be proven at any educational space.

On the other hand, we cannot neglect the fact that exams make people better at the subject. Due to the fact, content tested in exams are mostly random and students will have to study everything. In a way, they will try as hard as possible to understand the subject completely and this will result in great improvements for them. Next, normally in exams people will try to compete among themselves or at least with themselves and since it affects grades, they will study harder to score higher.

This will “construct” a person’s behavior to be much more competitive and deals better with challenges in the future. Moreover, since they worked hard to achieve higher grades, they would possibly feel self-satisfaction within themselves if they were able to accomplish so. Despite this, they will gain the sense of pride, eager to study more and achieving more in life.

In a nutshell, the examination system has been in our educational routine since long time now and as bad as it can get, it also has its own benefits. If there were some other methods to evaluate human performance rather than having exams, it should then be highlighted to the public. From my readings and research, in short, examinations are actually like a self-test to see how good we fare in something that we do and where do we stand. Thus, we could eventually know our limit and our standards to achieve brighter prospects.

Even so, responsible individuals should be aware of public’s concerns so that they could alter the needs in examinations perpendicularly with the advancement of the nation. As conclusion, examination should not be completely removed from the curriculum however it should be “adjust” to gain the justified meaning of having it in the first place.


1. Everything happens to be on “How you look at things” principle. Weird, but forced to believe.

2. Remember my first post on “The Black Swan“?  You might wanna read that too. The Black Swan effect has something to do with changing the everyday perspectives.

3.It is clear that everything that you see today will soon change it’s nature to something else (something you’ve never thought of) and scientists eventually will update their archives again and again and again. At least, being scientist is still a valid job.

4. Try reading The Al-Quran. The Holy Book of Muslims. It comprises the past, present and future. The interesting part is, nothing has been changed (not even ONE word) since The Prophet Muhammad SNW received his first revelation until now. Truly magnificent innit?

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not exactly THAT thing

We used to (/still), in a state of depression or deeply miserable, blame innocent entities such as love, older brother, father or even Facebook as a matter fact, to purge that feeling of dishearten. Would it ever encourage us to get back on our feet? Maybe, might not. Undermine somebody’s confidence is easy. Just say something about their hair or pants; surely they would mirror themselves less than 10 minutes! That’s a fact. A simple phenomenon would be, not getting a text back from your loved ones (or somebody that you’re interested with), that should put you half-graved.

Btw, the day before, my little brother Umair, on my little sis’s birthday party, instead of asking for Sprite, he fortuitously called out for Spirit. What a nut cracker he is! (By coincidence, my second elder brother works at Spirit AeroSystem, Subang). That made it even more hilarious! Poor him, even so you’ll always need a guy or somebody to make such stupid jokes on family gatherings. 🙂

Ok, stop joking around. We’re supposed to be depressed here! Focus, focus.

It’s funny how things ought to be different from the initial dreams at younger age. For instance, me-self wanted to be a “Space Man” and at the end, I ended up at UniKL MIAT doing Aviation Management. Anyways, at least it is closely related. Hahaha! Frankly speaking, I had nothing on mind since I was little until now to be anything except a man who is fairly good to his parents, family and friends. That would be perfectly all of it!

Nothing more or less.

Though, sometimes during my lonely hours, I always wanted to be a booming businessman not just because so everybody recognize me but the feel of having a business and running it by your own is just… ahhh. Unexplainable.

It is just like having your hot melting cabonara with pure chilled orange juice beside Malibu Beach with a hot girlfriend. Just nice.

Damn, sounds sad huh? Honestly, at this point of time, I’m not that sad to be compared with the day before before before before before before beforeeeeeeeee this. I’m not gonna express that any longer because it is so painful up to the point I couldn’t even imagine how sad I was at that time. Anywhoooo, suck that! It’s considered settled. Now, I have 1 month and plus days to get back and rock this freaking show. New ideas for me songs are generating each day in me head and it would probably sound great at this end of year. Insyaallah. All I need to do now is, be a good man.


  1. Just f*ck anything comes to ruin your life. Get back on your feet and pray hard. God is always there for you.
  2. If, I said if, doesn’t mean I thought of it, IF you’re so depressed of your life, don’t even think to kill yourself. Suicide is not cool. Do you know who’s cool? Me. Okay okay, and you too! 🙂
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BERSIH 2.0 VS GERAK AMAN (9 July 2011)

Gerak Aman

I took this flyers at my lil’ brother’s front yard. Of the house ofcourse lying beside the garbage bin. So I took it inside and snap a picture of it using Skype. And I thought to myself, will this make any difference as a result the people of BERSIH 2.0 would stop their intention to do the demonstration and join GERAK AMAN? What are these people trying to do exactly? What are they trying to prove? I mean, BOTH of them (BERSIH & GERAK AMAN).

It came to my thought that, are the people of BERSIH 2.0 proposing something wrong that eventually if The Government agree to obey and take action on the proposal will give BAD  effects to the country? Absolutely NO! So, why the heck are there people protesting the demonstration of BERSIH 2.0?

You know, The Government could supply millions of dollars just to change/ create of something that they think was right and doing so, it is clear that they could always do the same for BERSIH 2.0 BECAUSE BERSIH 2.0 is not proposing something outrageous or stupid FGS!

Whatever it is, BERSIH 2.0 and GERAK AMAN both are trying to do rightful things and why don’t we unite as 1 (or be 1MALAYSIA, how ever you like it!) and demonstrate an action of togetherness for benefits of our country. You could call it anything, GERAK BERSIH & AMAN 7.0 or whatever!

A superb jargonistic name doesn’t give any good to the country but the CAUSE would.

I know this note wouldn’t change anything or your perception onto the BERSIH 2.0 and GERAK AMAN demonstration but I would like that Malaysia, the country that I was brought to live in, act adultly and reasonably. You guys are acting childish, seriously!

This one lad here shouted for “Go BERSIH 2.0!” and the other lad there replied “Bullshit you! GERAK AMAN dude!”  For GOD sake, I’m sorry, what are you?

And some of you may think that, who is this Muhammad Suhaib giving opinions to the great politicians? A politician-wannabe-prick? “Study degree pun tak habis lagi, nak bising-bising!”

You know what, if your children soon in the future begged for an ice cream but you don’t have enough money to buy one because you’re happily spending your money for other things that supposed to be cheap but then it’s expensive then, you would realized that I should’ve chose the right Government to govern this country or AT LEAST I tried.

Honestly, it is so freakin’ lonely to live in a First Class Developing Country with a Third Class Mindset of people. I’m not saying you guys, but we are.

We should be better, no no no, I mean we COULD’VE been better if we did not wasted our time fighting each other arguing on such things like, “It’s an opinion from The Oppositions, we could’nt except that! Its WROOONNGG!” Wha? Geez. We should focused more on achieving Sophisticated Mindset of Malaysians throughout the globe because I’m sure we are capable of doing so.

As conclusion, whatever it is BERSIH 2.0 or GERAK AMAN, just go for it if you think it is right for the country. No, think rationally. Put aside that greed and ego of being known and powerful & think wisely. Lastly, Muslim people of BERSIH 2.0 when you’re going out for the demonstration soon, before you put on your shoes or slipers whatever, perform a 2 raka’at of solat sunnat and pray to Allah SNW that if this effort is right make it as an asbab of hidayat for the world Insyaallah.  

Those who spend (freely), whether in prosperity, or in adversity; who restrain anger, and pardon (all) men ;- for Allah loves those who do good ;- And those who, having done something to be ashamed of, or wronged their own souls, earnestly bring Allah to mind, and ask for forgiveness for their sins, – and who can forgive sins except Allah? – and are never obstinate in persisting knowingly in (the wrong) they have done. For such the reward is forgiveness from their Lord, and Gardens with rivers flowing underneath, – an eternal dwelling: How excellent a recompense for those who work (and strive)! Qur’an, Surah 3 (Al-i-Imran), ayat 134 – 136

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Dreams: Do they really affect your life?

I rarely dream, honestly. I don’t normally dream like some people and I do hope that I could dream occasionally. Weird innit? I know! haha.

I just woke up due to this same dream keep coming on (or in?). The dream get in or onto somebody? Anyways, I kept dreaming my grandmother (my mother’s side) which which  I remembered, my grandmum or we usually call her Tok (as you pronounce it: tuk) as  her age went by, wait wait. You know, anyone of us doesn’t know what’s her real age because there was never a birth certificate or anything. She only made her Identification Card (IC) at her 40’s or something. Idk! ok ok.

Continuing with the dream part; so I usually..wait wait. One more important fact! Haha. You know in a dream, nobody know how did he/she came into that dream.

Dreams are always in the middle of doing something.

Ok ok. I’ll continue. 🙂 So, there was my girlfriend (Rosyida, for the moment. Haha! No, this is the serious one. I promise!). Sooooooooooooo, Rosyida and me were eating in somekind of a food court or something when on our left side there were bunch of guys from Rosyida’s classmates (mostly boys! no no. ALL of them were boys. duh).

Then I decided to join them so that I looked cool and willing to fit with these BIO guys? Whatever! We sat on a four-seater food court table where Adib was next to me and another guy I don’t know what’s his name sat beside my gf. We talked and laughed (I was pretending) until Rosyida said to Adib, “Eh kau tau tak, aku sekolah dekat Sg. Pelek, kau pun kat Sg. Pelek, aku pindah Terengganu, kau pun dekat Terengganu, sekarang aku kat UITM pun kau dekat UITM.”

If you know me well, I’m always jealous like gilababi punya jealous when there’s something relating to other guys or somewhat like that. So, after she said that, I replied, “Oh baguslah! Boleh la kawin? Kan?”. And Adib was smiling or perli perli malu punya smile? then i went off.

So then I walk through like a kampung road with wooden houses on both sides and this guy, Adib was there too as he saw me, he walked with me. I asks him stupid-filling-quite-moment-questions like; so Adib, all of your classes are with the same classmates? because Rosyida or people used to called her Syida went with different classmates on different subjects? and he anwered, “Yeah..and bla bla bla..” I can’t remember what he said after that.

After a short chat, I went back in but this time the place turnout to be a wooden house. Syida was at the window and said, “where did you go suhaib?” and i was like, ” ada lahh.” and she went by. so i went into the house, and yes, Tok was there again. The funny thing is, each time i dream about her, she would always ask me to help her to the toilet. (fyi, during her old age, she was unable to walk anymore. so in order to get to the toilet, somebody must help her up onto the wheelchair and bring her to the toilet, and lift her up onto the toilet bowl. and normally, i’m the one who’s doing it, if I’m at home – until we got a maid to do it.)

Where was I? Oh okay. And Tok ask my help, “Ayek, angkat Tok pergi toilet tolong?”, I was like, “No! NO! NOOO!” and Tok will continue asking me to help her, “Angkatla Tok, Tok nak pergi toilet. Angkatlaaa! tolong…” and I kept saying, “No! No….!!! You no longer exist! Nooo Noo..!!” and she was acting like a baby, hitting the ground with her foot. I panicked, so I ran to my parent’s room.

I woke them up and was pointing backwards, as I turned back, it was Angah (Mu’az, my second big brother) standing behind me, smilling. So at that very time, I felt like Angah was gone or something and there were also my other bros and sis, shocked like; “ohh Angah dohh, Angah dohh”. Then dad woke up and turn and saw Angah, and he made a growl sound or something like like, “Heyh!” plus his angry face.

Then Angah’s face turned to a happy-frightening kind of expression. I dont know how to express it by words. Anyways, dad was not angry at Angah as I felt like he was trying to “shhuuhhh!” Angah  as Angah was like a bad spirit or something came out to life or maybe dad was trying to get these guys slow-down their voices (because they were shocked Angah came to life!) as my other grandmother was on the other room (we call her, nenek. my dad’s side.) . And Angah thought like dad was trying to get rid of him. So Angah said, “ok lah ok lah, aku blah aku blah” or in English, ” ok ok, im going im going”.

Dad showed his guilty face and said, ” no no, i didnt mean you. I mean these guys, slowdown your voice”. Angah didn’t care and kept saying, “aku blah la aku blah” went outside to the place where I found Tok (but still in the house though and Tok was not insight anymore) and lie down on his left side. So I went beside him and lie down too and said, ” i never slept beside you” which was true. I always avoid from sleeping next to him or on the same bed with him or even in the same room because it would feel, awkward. You know, me and Angah were always quarrel and fight since we were kids and when we grew up like now, I felt a bit awkward being nice to him. 🙂

So I lie down next to him and I felt like, I missed him soo much. I know it’s a bit gay, but it’s the truth. No one’s reading the blog, so wtf! And he disappears.:-(

After few seconds, I woke up. The real real REAL wake up not the dreaming one. it felt like, different. I felt like I lost somebody or someone. So I called Rosyida because normally she would calm me down. Hee. But she didn’t, she kept saying, “that’s the devil’s (or Syaitan’s) game”, “that’s the devil’s (or Syaitan’s) game”, “that’s the devil’s (or Syaitan’s) game”. erghhh! anyways, I went straight to the toilet for wudu’ and solat Subuh.

I cried. 🙂

So, that’s it. A normal dream turn out to be a sad-fell-like-real one. It sucks! I know, because it’s my brother FGS! gay.

Anyways, Angah finally got hitched by Kakak Nahaldiana, a Segambut girl. Haha! And he is no longer in Mentari Court as he’s living with Kak Diana’s family in Segambut. That would be it for the moment.

As for conclusion, are dreams real? Why does it feel like real? could it affects somebody’s life? It did for me, for awhile though. That’s all folks!


Wash your feet before sleeping.

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Rainbows aren’t REAL

Ever heard this before?

Meet me at the end of the rainbow.

Alasakan Rainbow

Generally, rainbow doesn’t exist! can you believe that? it is only a matter of optic illusion. Now you see, now you don’t! You can also calibrate it with life, if you WANT!

Ahhh, furthermore,  I have not been a good student lately. You know, sleeping problems. And, other stuffs as well. I’m not a good reader, nor a writer, even a speaker. How the hell I’m gonna be an aviation manager soon in the future?

Listen! I did not ever said that I would be working with airlines. Keep that in mind! I said, I love managing, and it is becoming me, myself right now. But I’m certain the older folks think that I would be making good grades (3.5 and above?) and Dean’s List in order to get jobs at airlines soon enough, PARTICULARLY, thegloriousmalaysianairlines.

Whatever! I did not study to get jobs,however I study so that I would create jobs for people! Universities are becoming crackheads. Honestly!

For example,

You should get A’s, multiple of A’ssss. So that people will respect you, kiss you fucking feet, and beg forgiveness.

Okay, I know I’m going a bit harsh, (or harshies, haha!) but guys, FGS! Open up your eyes, you’re living in fairy tale! You are sooooo in RAINBOWS!

Now you understand what I mean by Rainbows ain’t REAL?

Philosophy: Wanna know what’s real? Warren Buffett, $65 Billion.

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Thousand of missed calls.

Well, I had not been blogging for awhile.

Busy days; study, waking up in the morning, class, eat, then class again, back at home, tired.

Non-busy days; wake up late afternoon, dating, spend ALL my money, lazy. Nothing worth anymore.

Oh well, I think I’m becoming a pathetic now & again. I cannot get anything right nowadays. The fact that I’m losing focus of my vision of life. (Ah sooo called vision!)

Life was splendid before, I think. Nahh, everything went well except for me! I practically going crazy. I am confused or I’m just not fit to be in this atmosphere. You know, the times where EVERYTHING went good as they were? When you need a nail clipper and there it was. Or when you need a drink and they’re all served accordingly in your refrigerator.

I’m becoming lazy and lazy and stupid and bimbo each coming day. I cant even speak english right nor writing. Ahh damn! I’m falling apart.

This girl, I love sooo much but I cant even take care of her. Idk, I’m losing faith. Or it is just me? My life is becoming harder everyday. I know The Almighty Allah is always here for me. I’m praying but I know, it is not enough.


It is always about a girl who changes everything. They just won’t quit.

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A long pause, now I’m back!

Highlooowwww! 🙂

She's a very good painter?

So long maaa no blog blog anymore

Hahaha! I’ve been soo much busy with my life loadssss tonsss of happenings and my laptop shite on me, so i broke it.

So so so whats up? it 2011 yo! “whacha you waitting for? kualala lumpur” What does this to do anything with 2011 anyway? Hahaha! See see, i’m different now.

Anyhoo, nothing much, lazy to start studying again and I took 1 week off and those classmates are crazy like, “why didnt you come to class?”, “long time no see”, “are you going overseas??”, “you’re having problems suhaib? i can help you. just ask”.

Suddenly everyone seems like worry about me and all! oh well, not much i could say, thank you maybe would cheer you guys up?

Soooooooooooooooooooooooo, (a long “so” means, a lot of things i want to tell but its not the time or just wondering what to tell or being sarcastic or sad. maybe.) I dont have a place to stay FOR THE MOMENT and my head is buzzing with stupid little disturbing thoughts of doing something for shelter.

IDK IDK IDK! Btw, I failed 1 subject, accounting & finance, but yet to clarify it because it shows “0” means i dont have any marks at all! Thats weird because I took he exams quizzes finals and all, so it’s impossible! Maybe, hopefully they did that “wrong key-in” thing so don’t have to repeat that subject any longer. SO HARD LA FINANCE!:-(

At least we know, it’s MIAT after all.

I cut my hair btw, slope deep inside. But i made that mamak guy to do it, so it does not seem too pretty, buutt, it’d be fine. Whatever, it is just “hair”. whenever you cut it, it’ll grow back for the majority of people in the whole wide globe except for those yang gugur gugur and sorts, kesian korang aku tengok. Yun Nam Hair Care seems promising.

I got to go now, my cousin’s car is having a “tayar buncit akibat lama tidak tukar tayar for ages” so, kene laaa go to KL! Love you guys whose reading idk, made the best for this year forget the past and prosper! (i guess you’ve heard this a lot). i mean, you really have to think about it.

Philosophy: What do you want out of your life & that way, you’re certain about your life.


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Democracy of Malaysia

What is the relevant of having opposition parties in the country?

My battery is going low, so I just want to lay-out few things.

  1. Malaysia, don’t be too “Hollywoodernized.”
  2. I miss Malaysia, like we always have been.
  3. What is democracy to the people in the government?
  4. Point to the right direction.


It is not what you know but who you know.

Scrap this and I’m pretty sure we gonna make it.

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